Owning a ScrumKids franchise

can improve children’s lives, and your future!

If you want to run your own business and you’re passionate about improving children’s lives through sport, then owning a ScrumKids franchise is the ideal business opportunity for you.

Being a ScrumKids franchisee is a truly rewarding experience. You could be your own boss and work in a field that you find really interesting and rewarding, whilst bringing rugby to a whole new generation of players.

The health benefits of regular exercise for children are well documented. As a ScrumKids franchisee, you will not only help improve the health of the children attending your classes, you will also improve their confidence and social skills, as well as providing them with a lot of fun.

If you want a business with job satisfaction, and real, achievable financial rewards, then get in touch with us today to discuss becoming a ScrumKids franchisee.

  • Inspire a new generation of rugby players

    Your ScrumKids franchise will bring rugby skills and a lifelong love of the game to young players in your chosen area

  • Have fun and make money

    Isn’t that what we all want out of our working lives? If you’re passionate about sport and want to run your own business doing something you love, this is the opportunity – and lifestyle choice – you’ve been looking for

  • Re-shape our children's future

    Child fitness and obesity levels in the UK are major problems affecting the health of the next generation. Do your part to help change the future by getting more girls and boys into sport


Why choose franchising? Why choose ScrumKids?

Franchising is an ideal way to start your own business as it greatly increases your chances of success when compared with going it alone.

Here are some of the reasons why a ScrumKids franchise could be the right opportunity for you.

  • Tried and Tested

    Our business model has a proven track record

  • Multiple Successes

    We have been successful in multiple locations

  • Hit the ground running

    We provide you with a complete launch package to get you started

  • Training Included

    You’ll receive training at both an existing venue and at the location of your franchise

  • Ongoing Support

    Our support continues throughout the term of your franchise

  • Your Territory

    You’ll be granted an exclusive territory under a five year licence, with an automatic right of renewal for a further five years

UK Franchising Facts

Total Turnover
for all UK franchises
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of franchises are profitable
Franchises employ over
people in the UK

UK franchising facts and figures are based on all UK franchises, not ScrumKids


Could you be a ScrumKids franchisee?

Our criteria when choosing our franchisees is simple but strict. First and foremost, like us, you need to be passionate about what you offer, in terms of both the physical and social development of all the children attending your sessions.

Ideally you will have had previous coaching experience – preferably in rugby – and you will have a background of working with young children.

You will play an active role in running your own coaching sessions and, as your numbers grow, you will engage additional coaching staff to run more classes. The ability to recruit, manage and motivate a team of like-minded individuals is therefore also a pre-requisite of the role.

It goes without saying that, as we have developed proven systems for both coaching and running our business, you must have a willingness to adhere to the methodology that has made us successful and which will make your business a success too.

  • Initial Fee

    £4,500 inclusive of VAT (for a limited period only)

  • Management Service Fee

    10% Gross Turnover

  • Projected Earnings

    We’ll discuss projections at our initial meeting

  • Full- or Part-Time

    A ScrumKids franchise can be run either as a part-time business opportunity in addition to your current role, or developed into a full-time career. We are happy to discuss either option.

Find Out More

To find out more about owning a ScrumKids franchise, get in touch with us at rugby@scrumkids.co.uk or use our online form below.

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