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    ScrumKids - Getting your children active
    Rugby Activities for children aged between two and eight years old!

    ScrumKids has developed a reputation for being creative and passionate about what we do. At our classes, kids are given the opportunity to learn and develop new rugby based skills, feel part of a team and go home feeling like they have achieved at every single session. No class is ever the same - games are varied and based around a different theme each week, ensuring children are engaged and active but most importantly, having fun!

    Everyone is given the opportunity to shine in a fun, safe and relaxed environment. Crucially, ScrumKids is an introduction to a team environment, the famous rugby values and a chance to develop those all important social skills.

    Scrum Kids Toddlers

    Scrum Toddlers (2 to 4 Years)
    Saturday 9.00

    Scrum Toddlers is for our very youngest rugby stars, aged between two and three and a half years old. Sessions are shortened to 30 mins to get the most out of fleeting attention spans and children use soft balls to learn the basic techniques for handling and kicking!
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    Scrum Kids Juniors

    Scrum Juniors (4 to 8 Years)
    Saturday 9.35

    Scrum Juniors is for children aged between three and a half and five years old, who are ready for a further challenge! Sessions are 40 mins long and the children use our specially designed size 2.5 unique ScrumKids balls to develop and showcase their skills.
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    What happens at a ScrumKids Session?

    Sessions are themed each week and begin with a warmup to get children engaged and the pulses racing ahead of the session focus.

    Children will then be introduced to the first agility-based game of the session, to get them active and having fun before breaking down in to a handling or kicking skillzone; here children are given the opportunity to enhance the more technical elements of the game.

    Sessions vary here between different age groups and coaching styles, but most sessions will involve an evasion, defence and attack element as well as problem solving games.

    Kids Rugby Sessions

    Kids Enjoying Scrum Kids Rugby Sessions

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        Happy kids and happy grownups

        Don’t just take our word for it - we’ve had some wonderful feedback from some of our ScrumKids’ grownups over the years

        • Great session with Coach James in Lincoln today. He makes the session fun, the kids absolutely love it. Parental involvement for the younger ones ensures that everyone gets involved and it’s actually a great way to spend a morning with your kids! Brilliant!
          Jessica Thompson
        • My son has been going to Scrumkids since he was 2 and absolutely loves it. His confidence has really improved with the team games and the coach is fantastic with the children. Would highly recommend!
          Laura Midwinter
        • Great set up here with 3 sessions depending on age starting with 2-3 year olds through to 7 when they could join a rugby club. Coach James is brilliant with all the kids. Slowly but surely building the fundamentals of rugby through games 👍 couldn't recommend enough
          Lee in Lincoln
        • Been taking Brodie to Scrumkids since he was 2 years old, he is now 5 and in the senior class. He loves it! Seen him grow so much in confidence and ability while being at scrumkids. James is also an excellent coach and so great with the kids.
          Steve Davidson
        • My son adores scrum kids he talks about it the night before and wakes up full of beans. He loves the range of activities and never stops smiling. Jared is amazing as a coach at explaining everything in a child friendly way the kids beam with pride when he praises them - definitely a highlight of our week
          Rachel Pill

          More Locations Coming Soon!

          We’re always on the lookout for new venues and new locations, so if you’d like to see ScrumKids at a venue near you, or if you’d like to run a ScrumKids before- or after-school club at your school or take on the running of a franchise, you can get in touch with us for more information.